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Overview of Sea-Export Activities
  Import Procedure
 Activity - Receiving of Export
Responsibility- Forwarding agent
Process/Procedures -
1. Shipping Instruction, Packing list and etc from shipper
2. Submission & declaration of K2/K3/ZB2
3. Forwarding agent to request empty container to deliver to warehouse/plant for stuffing.
 Activity - Booking of Ocean Freight
Responsibility-Freight Forwarding
1. Freight forwarder to book -
  .Ocean Freight
  .Terminal Handling Chargers
 Activity - Arrival of Container & Goods at warehouse/plant for loading
Responsibility-Haulage & Trucking
Process/Procedures -
1. Haulage to deliver empty container as requested to designate warehouse/plant
2. Delivery of goods to warehouse
 Activity - Preparation of cargo & stuffing into container
Responsibility- Warehouse/Plant
Process/Procedures -
1. Picking of goods as per requirement mentioned in picking & tallying.
2. Stuffing goods into container
3. Sealing of container after completion of stuffing.
 Activity - Collection & delivery of Laden Container to Port
Responsibility- Forwarding Agent/Haulage
Process/Procedures -
1. Forwarding agent to notify Haulage for collection of laden container.
2. Container is to be delivered to respective in Port Klang.
 Activity - Planning at yard and vessel for loading of container at Terminal
Responsibility- Terminal of Export
Process/Procedures -
1. Loaded on vessel to be shipped to Port
 Activity - Arrival at Port Discharge
Responsibility - Terminal Operator
Process/Procedures -
1. Port Operations:
  Vessel Planning
  Yard Planning
  Planning, Monitoring & Operations.
 Activity - Customs clearance at port of discharge
Responsibility- Freight Forwarding at Westport, Port Klange
Process/Procedures -
1. Forwarding and Customs clearance at Westport, Port Klang
 Activity - Inland transportation to Importer
Responsibility- Haulage/ Trucking
Process/Procedures -
1. Delivery of laden container to importer's premise
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